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There are tens of thousands of you out there who would love the chance to dance but can’t find a class suitable for people of all ages and abilities. Well now you can and the good news is – you don’t even need a partner!

Yonier Garcia

I’ve been teaching dance since I was 15 years old in my home city of Pereira in Colombia and dance is very much part of my cultural heritage. In Colombia, children learn to dance at an early age and, on Sundays, whole streets close so that people can get together to dance! My mother was a dance teacher and I started dancing almost as soon as I could walk. From then on it has been the most important part of my life. I want to share that passion for dance and want people to experience the pure joy of being a dancer. That’s why I started Mundo Dance.

In Colombia, I taught 23 classes a week. I led the Sena National dance group to victory three times in national dance competitions and I won the title Best Dancer and choreographer in all three competitions.

At 18, I won first prize in an international competition to teach in Hong Kong. Since then I have both performed and taught in Hong Kong, China, London and now Cardiff. I have studied dance around the world attending classes in almost every country I visited on a 4-month world trip, I am also a professional dancer and studied ballet, contemporary, jazz and street dance on the full-time course at Rubicon Dance in Cardiff.

What is a Mundo Dance Class like?

Some of our Mundo Dancers share their thoughts on why our classes are attracting hundreds of people every week.

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